It's very easy to book Bohemia for your private party, special event, or if you are a local band or promoter who needs a flexible, open minded venue.

Here's how you book a show at Bohemia

1. Check the Event Calendar and pick an available date for your show. Please note that we are generally closed on Sunday and Mondays, but can be open on those days by request for special events.

2. Email Bohemia  to let us know about the date you want and the type of event you want to put on. Include a description of the bands/djs/equipment/special needs and a link to their website/music (you can have the bands contact us directly if you want).

Please note that we have recently added a booking fee for live events which can be deducted from the door or paid in advance.  This fee is negotiable and is based on the date requested and the function. Contact us for more details or to arrange further details regarding the booking fee.

3. Please keep in mind that we are a small venue (capacity is currently 84 patrons which includes the band members and staff) and as such, it is not necessary to bring excessive amounts of amplification with you. Our PA system is 2600 watts which more than adequately covers the size of the venue.

4. Decide on a door time, and a show time, for your event.  Example: Doors at 8, Show at 9.  Note: No Minors are allowed in our establishment.  Also, you must decide on a cover charge / ticket price.  Regarding ticket prices:  $7 to $10 is a general good range for a weekend night – $5-7 during the week works great! Having a cover charge allows musicians to get paid and keeps the crowd respectful. We will provide a door person, sound technician and full PA system.

5. Once you have decided these details, design a poster and create a Facebook event page (if applicable),  and send us links to the event and poster artwork file so we can put it up on our digital/print media channels. Here's what you need on your poster: our address (10217 97 Street), the name/logo Bohemia (here is a EPS file of our logo you can use), the text "18+", the cover charge, and the date/time of your event.  You'll need to send us a copy of the poster 2 weeks before the event so you have enough time to print and poster.

Here is a partial list of some of the sound equipment we have available:

  • 12 channel yamaha sound board with 8 xlr mic ins
  • 4 x XLR/unbalanced/TRS 1/4” Active DI channels
  • 3 x shure sm-58 vocal mics and stands
  • 1 x shure sm57 instrument mic and stand
  • 1 x shure beta kick mic and stand plus cables for aforementioned mics
  • 2 x 550w yorkville powered tops
  • 1 x 720w yorkville powered subwoofer
  • 2 x 170w yorkville monitors (2 separate channels)
  • 4 x 65w klipsch room speakers to fill mid-highs